Smutstone Review

If you are looking for a new card battle game, you may want to check out smutstone. You can play the free version without worrying about whether the game is a clone of a porn video game. It is free to download and play, and it offers beautiful artwork. Read on to learn more about this free to play card game. The storyline is also interesting, so you won’t find yourself wasting time looking for spoilers.

Smutstone is a card battle game

Smutstone is a collectable adult card game. It combines card battles with a storyline. You can enslave 101 bitches. Each bitch is represented by a card with attack and hit points. The battle plays out automatically until one side of the board has no cards left. Then the battle ends and you get to watch a comic-style cut scene. The game lets you manage your deck to unlock more seductive fashiontrends character cards.

Smut Stone is a fun card battle game that combines deep strategy with an easy-to-learn system. You choose three cards from your deck and automatically duke it out. Each defeated card leaves an open lane for an opponent to attack. After the duke-it-out is finished, each player has the chance to select another card. Each card costs coins, which you can use to buy new ones. As you progress through the game, you’ll gain more energy and more choices.

It’s a game clone

SmutStone features multiple levels and tons of girls. There are also many quests you can complete and characters to impress. The game has many modes and unlocks images and content that will allow you to get the perfect combination of girls and enemies. A wiki page offers detailed information on the game and its features. Although it’s free to play, you will need an account to save your progress on webgain.

It’s free to play

Smutstone is a web browser game that offers several modes, including a dungeon-crawling mode with visionware. You can also buy credits to strengthen your deck. While the game is free to play, some players may find the IAP cards necessary to continue playing. While these purchases are optional, you can buy more cards to make your deck stronger faster. However, there are some downsides to these purchases, which will be discussed further below.

The game’s premise revolves around cards. Players build a deck around their minions and upgrade them by spending in-game currency. Like many card games, Smut Stone features cut scenes and a storyline that never ends. Players will also enjoy the animation of hot girls fighting with one another. The only thing that could make this game a turn-based game for younger gamers is its lack of dialogue. If you’re a kid, this game will likely make you feel awkward and self-conscious.

It has a story

While the story in SMUTSTONE is a little vague, the core of the game revolves around a guy getting sucked into a strange land and battling various creatures to escape. You’ll have a strange pig/fairy companion who’ll teach you the basics of combat, and the objective is to have sex with as many creatures as you can find. In the process, you’ll gain more power and receive more rewards.

The game’s art style is very Western with a hint of Marvel comics, and the gameplay is solid. It does suffer from a few problems, however. The underlying plot is pretty weak, and the game contains a large number of side quests that add little to the main story. Some side quests are unnecessary and distract from the story entirely. And because the game’s visual style is so different from the original comics, the story is often a bit confusing.

It has female characters

If you’re a fan of Nutaku games and sexy female characters, Smutstone is a must-play for you. This fantasy card game is full of sensational cutscenes, a riveting card battle, and an endless number of spectacular kids. While playing, you’ll also earn tantalizing rewards for upgrading your cards. Here are three tips to help you get the most out of Smutstone:

The first thing to know about Smutstone is that it’s free by telelogic! The interface is simple but takes some practice to master, and the game is free! The game is similar to Magic, and you’ll need a good amount of time to fully master the game. While the interface art may be eye candy, there’s no voice acting, no sound effects, and no musical score, so you’re likely to find the game addictive.

It lacks sound

Smutstone is an incredibly fun browser game that does not require any download. Although it lacks sound, it is very enjoyable. The sex scenes are pretty typical, and the bitches are dressed in jeans and t-shirts. They are perfectly acceptable for the bedroom. Sadly, it lacks a variety of different characters. This is probably due to the limited number of people who have the time or patience to sit through an entire story without sound.

In summary

Smutstone is not without its share of problems on okena. The game’s soundtrack is lacking, which may have a negative effect on the game’s overall enjoyment. However, the game’s artwork is stunning. While many games rely on voice actors to convey a story, Smutstone has a unique style that makes it look very real. Even if it lacks sound, it still has a lot of great content to offer.

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