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Smart Business Casual Dress Code Guidelines

A smart business casual dress code is meant to be a transition between formal and more relaxed settings. Many offices are adopting this style, particularly in the tech industry. Because these dress codes are open-ended, people often find it difficult to determine what to wear when meeting colleagues or clients. To combat this confusion, follow these smart business casual dress code guidelines:

First, know what kind of event you’re attending. Depending on the type of event, you may want to pair the wrong pieces together, resulting in overdressing or underdressing. For example, if you’re heading to an after-work happy hour, don’t wear an all-black suit with sneakers and flip flops. Instead, choose a sport jacket with a fun dress shirt that has a pattern.

A sophisticated jacket can make your casual look into a smart business casual outfit. A standard blazer is a good choice, but try a longline or sleeveless version to add a chic touch to an everyday staple. Bomber jackets are also fine if you want a smart casual look. For a more formal event, consider a tailored jacket. If you’re attending a casual meeting, choose a shirt that’s made of a material that won’t show too much skin.

To make your outfit even more sophisticated, add a stylish bag or clutch. Adding a handbag or a stylish bag can add personality to your ensemble, but keep the colour scheme simple. Instead of a structured office bag, opt for a bucket bag or a body bag. A casual backpack is not appropriate for smart business casual settings. The goal of smart casual dressing is to project confidence while at the same time being comfortable and attractive.

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