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How to Adjust the Throw Distance of an Optoma TZ403 Projector

Choosing the right projector can be a difficult task if you’re unsure how to adjust your Throw Distance. This article will provide you with tips for maximizing the Throw Distance of an Optoma TZ403 projector. You’ll also learn how to use the Zoom Slider to adjust the Throw Distance. Using the Zoom Range slider, you can adjust the distance from the screen.

First, you should understand the concept of throw distance. Throw distance is simply the distance of the projector lens to the screen. This distance is important in determining the size of the image that will appear on the screen. The higher the throw distance, the bigger the image will be on screen. Nevertheless, if you need to see the exact size of the image, you should consult a throw distance chart.

When choosing a projector, remember that the closer the projector is to the screen, the lower the throw distance will be. Aim for a medium distance to the screen and you’ll see a sharp image with a good contrast. For best results, choose a projector with a wide throw distance. Otherwise, choose a model with a shorter throw distance. This will give you a better idea of how far your Optoma ZH403 can throw the image.

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