4 Street-wears for Men in UAE

Street-wears have gained a huge success in over a few years. Started in the mid-20th century, this fashion powerhouse was influenced by many cultures and subcultures. With the evolving world and the fashion industry moving forward, street fashion has started to diversify. Incorporating the traditional clothing style and subcultural dressing sense it also combines various urban lifestyles and on-going global trends.

From a vast category of street-wear fashion you have options to choose casual, comfort, layering, retro, vintage and much more. Street fashion is very commonly promoted through the artists or actors. Examples include, Justin Bieber in Canada, Jeon Jung kook in South Korea, Louis Tomlinson in USA and more.

Choosing from a long list of men’s street-wear is a difficult task as it contains many different types of clothing options. To ease it for you, we mentioned the 4 trendiest outfits you might need to get it in your wardrobe as soon as possible.

Digit Bacchus Cotton Hoodie

Hoodies are the most important part of the street fashion globally due to the urban fashion trends. This cotton hoodie being the first in the street fashion has a history behind its name too. The name Bacchus was the god of wine and pleasure in the ancient Greek mythologies. This hoodie not only provides a relaxed fit but also bears the artwork of the ancient god. Multicolored illustration and overall black color makes it a perfect go to for street fashion. Get your hands on this masterpiece just from Farfetch promo code UAE.

Concert Graphic-Print Cotton Sweatshirt

If you feel the need to have a long-sleeved concert graphic shirt, then this is just for you. Curated in the heart of Italy, this dress comes with a crew neck design and relaxed fit. The design of this dress is accentuated with the common colors of the ancient times along with vibrant graphic display. Pure cotton dress, not only is it comfortable to wear but super soft to touch. This is one of the perfect add on in the category of oversized shirts. With that being said, this straight hem sweatshirt is a must needed article in your closet.

Patch-Detail Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets, we all can agree, are the heart of the street fashion across the globe. This jacket is not just a jacket, but covered with the famous logos with beautiful patch details. This provides it a funky look without having to overdo it. Burgundy colored; this jacket goes along over any kind of t-shirt or shirt easily. The band collar and long sleeves of this jacket makes it suitable for the street fashion. It can be paired up perfectly with black pants or trousers and black oxfords.

Compass Patch Cotton Track Pants

Black pants are a must have in street-wear fashion. Compass Patch Cotton Track Pants here, will always have your back as you pair it up with anything and everything. Made out of pure cotton, this piece is very soft and comfy to wear all the time. With signature Compass motif on side just above the knee is designed perfectly. Neither does it look too much over done nor does it go unnoticed. Elastic drawstrings and ankles fits to all sizes very easily.

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